We want to inform you that according to a joint Ministerial Decision of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy, from 21 March 2020 until 21 April 2020 at 06.00 am, only permanent residents will be allowed to travel to the islands by ferry to and from the mainland Greece and between the islands. As well as some certain categories of passengers and the means required to supply the islands. Allowed are also those who wish to leave the islands for their permanent residence.

The islanders can online get a pre-filled Special Occupancy Certificate of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) at Taxisnet. The certificate is a most for permanent residents of the islands that wish to return to their place of residence.

You find your certificate at https://www.aade.gr/bebaiosi-katoikias-eidikis-hrisis, where you log in with your codes.