Project Description

Vandringsled 4. Melania Amorgos
The port of Aegiali – Langada – Stroumbos – Panagia of Epanochoriani – Tholaria – Fokiotripa (in the end of Aegali beach)

This walk has great cultural interest and beautiful views over the bay of Aegiali. In the area of Langada are the old windmills, the ravine of Araklis and the church of Panagia Epanochorianis. On the hill of Vigla nearby Tholaria, was the acropolis of ancient Aigiali. Today remains the ruins of the wall, statues and tombs of the Early Cycladic and Middle Cycladic period.

Elevation profile
Walking Path No 4 Melani Amorgos


The port of Aegiali-Langada-Stroumbos-Panagia of Epanochoriani-Tholaria-Fokiotripa (at the end of Aegali beach)
Distance 7,6 km
About 2 hours

4Marked 4

You can also break down the route into smaller sections.
1. Ormos-Langada
About 35 min

2. Langada – Stroumbos – Panagia Epanohoriani – Tholaria
About 1 hour

3. Langada – Stroumbos – Tholaria
About 1 hour

4. Tholaria – Fokiotripa
About 30 min

Below you can download the route, search on internet what program you need for your device to open the .kml file.



Walking path Level Easy Easy

Practical information

Make sure you have good shoes because the paths on some parts can have loose stones. Shoes which protect your ankles are preferred. In the summertime is necessary to wear a hat and to put on sunscreen for the sun.
NOTICE! Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.


Only a bottle of water since there are a lot of possibilities for provision during the walk.