Project Description

Olive Picking on Amorgos

To combine your vacation with work is an opportunity to become truly immersed in the agricultural life of the island and meet the locals. To take part in the olive harvest is a memorable and unique cultural experience. The olive picking season is from the end of October until end of November and when it’s approaching the only topics of the conversation is olives “What is the weather, we need some more rain, how the crop looks this year…”. And when the moment is there everybody stops their own business and the whole family go out in the fields for weeks and pick their olive trees.

The olive fields are usual on beautiful places where you can enjoy the landscape during work and sit down for a break in the shade to enjoy the brought picnic and take part in the discussions. Afterwards the harvest is brought to the olive press and get pressed and you can bring back home some nice fresh pressed oil.


From the end of October until end of November.