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Geocaching on Amorgos

Geocaching is an entertaining outdoor treasure hunting game for all ages played throughout the year by walkers, hikers, and adventure seekers. Combining hiking with treasure hunting, you can do it just to look at the Amorgos live Geocaching map but you will have help if you have a map and a GPS unit (global positioning).

The longitude and latitude coordinates for each cache – a waterproof box of different sizes containing a logbook, paper, and assorted trinkets – are shared on the internet. Geocachers use their GPS device to search for these caches hidden at various points along hiking trails or in other locations.

Geocaching is enjoyed by people with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

Geocaching perfectly fits to Amorgos’ wonderful walking and hiking opportunities and will give you an additional experience whilst exploring the islands amazing landscape.

Meanwhile, a number of geocaches have been located on the island. They are situated in a variety of locations; some will take you to beaches, some will test your urban stealth skills, and yet others will take you to areas of rugged beauty where people are very rarely seen!

Some places on Amorgos offer geocaching introductions, courses, workshops, tours and equipment to guide you easily through your first geocaching experiences. They make sure that you see everything Amorgos has to offer and make sure that you do it in style: relax and enjoy the scenery!

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