Project Description

Boating on Amorgos

Discover Amorgos secret beauty from the sea, reach places and beaches where you only can go by boat. Amorgos coastline is wild and beautiful with the steep rocks literally falling down to the sea. Swim and snorkel in lagoons with turquoise crystal clear waters. There are several companies that offer boat trips or you can rent a boat or you can sail with Amorgos own Express Skopelitis on a day tour around the small Cyclades.

General rules

Maybe you know rules of sailing but however, when you sailing in Greece, you will find yourself among ferry boats, motor boats, sailing yachts, motor sailers, catamarans, flying dolphins and anything that floats and carries people. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious and follow the rules for sailing in Greece religiously. In some areas, it might be special rules so it’s always good to check. Below some general rules.

  1. Everyone gives way to vessels constrained by depth or at anchor
  2. Power gives way to sail
  3. Sail vs sail: a boat port tack gives way to starboard tack
  4. Sail vs sail: if on the same tact, the windward boat gives way to leeward boat
  5. Sail vs sail: gybing or tacking gives way to sailing
  6. Power vs Power (at an angle): give way to starboard
  7. Power vs Power (head on): turn to starboard, pass port to port
  8. Overtaking: boat overtaking gives way