Project Description

Astronomy on Amorgos

Amorgos is the perfect location for to observe the night sky. Even that there is humidity on the island the dark and not light polluted sky is good for to navigate with us in the endless universe. Every week there is organized excursion in different places on the island.

You are going to learn how to navigate in the night sky, recognize constellations, have a look to the planets of our solar system and come near to deep sky objects like nebulas, clusters, galaxies… And of course the fascinating view of our Moon in all faces.

You are going to have answers to miscellaneous subjects that you don’t expect. The Greek mythology aspect, the truth about the calendars and why is Amorgos so special place for to be connected with the holiness.

The equipment that is used is an 8-inch Conus telescope, a 6-inch Celestron Mascutov, binoculars Vixen and your eyes. You can bring your cameras also.

One of the favorite places of observing the night sky is at Tholaria village next to Seladi café bar.


If you are interested you can contact Vasilis Savvas