Good news for the producers of Amorgos fava, as this particular local product is awaiting final approval by the European Commission to be registered as a Protected Geographic Product*.

Fava is cheap and healthy Greek “farmer food” made of yellow peas, Pisum sativum. It’s full of minerals and also called the “poor meat” as it is rich in protein and can replace meat.

Fava is an endemic legume adapted to the local clime of Cyclades, with its dry and warm summers and mild winters. All agricultural work is done by hand, and the harvest is in May.

Winnow katsouni of the Fava

The Amorgians cook it slowly and patiently, only in water, letting it bring an unusual sweetness. Season it with slices of onion, lemon juice and olive oil. For the recipe, click here…

* EU quality policy aims at protecting the names of specific products to promote their unique characteristics, linked to their geographical origin as well as traditional know-how. Product names can be granted with a ‘geographical indication’ (GI) if they have a specific link to the place where they are made. GI recognition enables consumers to trust and distinguish quality products while also helping producers to market their products better.