Amorgos 4 seasons an ideal place to visit all year round because of its mild climate. The winter is mild, while the spring and the autumn are soft and pleasant and the summer is warm and bright. Amorgos’s stunning natural beauty attracts visitors off-season to discover its mountains, its paths, its crystal clear blue sea, its herbs, its scent… To take part in the traditional life which still exist in daily life and meet the locals…


Hike through color-saturated landscape that is full of flowers and herbs and can take advantage of less people, better temperature for activities like walking, having the beach for yourself, meet the locals and experience the village life and traditions…

4 Seasons Amorgos flowers and herbs

The nature full of colors and Amorgos hosts a large number of flower and herbs, many of which are endemic…

4 Seasons Amorgos Walking Trekking Hiking

Enjoy trekking along the blue paths in the colorful landscape with nice temperatures made for walking…

4 Seasons Amorgos Gastronomy Local Products

Enjoy the fresh seasonal food in a peaceful environment and discover the production and secrets of the local products…

Easter Amorgos Cyclades Greece

Celebrations like Easter with the scent from the herbs which are spread out on the steps and the magic light of the marschalls.


Enjoy the beautiful beaches, sun, and dive into the big blue. Discover the picturesque villages, the ancient sights, the magnificent sceneries, local cuisine… Go to one of the many summer festivals with traditional food, local music, and dance.

4 Seasons Amorgos Summer time

Amorgos is famous for its crystal clear waters. There are many beaches both sand, pebbled and rocky. Some with easy access and also isolated in scenic and pristine places.

Amorgos picturesque villages

Discover the picturesque villages with Cycladic architecture, narrow winding alleys, whitewashed houses, charming squares and a lot of beautiful churches.

Ancient sights on Amorgos

Amorgos’s presence in the Prehistoric Times was glorious and still today you can visit this ancient sights, walk historical paths, visit Archaeological Museum…

Local Cuisine Amorgos

Taste the local cuisine which fetches is influence from the mountains full of herbs and goats and the surrounding sea, which are combined with the seasons.


Experience agrotourism, this is the time for the grape and olive harvests, raki and wine making, olive oil production… The temperatures are ideal for activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking and the sea is still warm and perfect for all watersports.

Agrotourism on Amorgos

Take the chance to be a part of the traditional life, memorable and unique cultural experience, picking grapes or olives, raki and wine making, olive oil production…

Hiking Treeking on Amorgos

Nice temperature for hiking, the island has many paths with special cultural, natural and historical values and you will always have the Aegean sea on the horizon.

Watersports Diving on Amorgos

The water is still warm so perfect time for watersports like diving, sailing, kayaking, swimming… There are also fewer people so you can have the beach to yourself.

Celebrations on Amorgos Monastery of Hozoviotissa

The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is the second oldest in Greece and it’s literally hanging on the cliff. 21th of November is the celebration of the monastery when people are coming from all over to celebrate.


The island returns to its true self. The locals settle back into their habits, to meet in the taverns to enjoy the seasonal food, discuss at the kafenion, celebrate the holidays… The season culminates in the grand Apokreas celebration, the Greek carnival. Wintertime is perfect for hiking in the dramatic and colorful landscape which add a stunning drama to every scene.

Winter landscape of Chora on Amorgos

The winter is mild and perfect for walking in the dramatic and colorful landscape which add a stunning drama to every scene and the sunset is magical and in all colors you can imagine.

Food, sweets and drinks wintertime on Amorgos

The Greeks eat seasonally and you will get to discover winter food and all the sweets made for the holidays. You must also try a rakomelo, raki heated with cinnamon, clove, and honey.

Local life wintertime on Amorgos

The locals have finally time to meet up to eat and drink together or at the kafenion to discuss small and big matters or play a game of backgammon.

Celebrations & Festivals on Amorgos - Kapetanios

It’s many celebrations such as Kapetanios where a boy from the village is chosen to Kapetanios and he selects the girl who is his love. Then it’s food, wine and traditional music and dance until the next morning.