Katapola is the main port of Amorgos, this beautiful region is divided in three settlements called Katapola, Rahidi and Xilokeratidi. Along the waterfront it’s lined with cafes, taverns and moorings for fishing boats and visiting sailing boats. In the middle of the bay you have a small sandy beach, you can also walk or take the bath boat to some of the other nice beaches in the area.

On the hill above Katapola, the excavations of the ancient city of Minoa are of great interest and in the small hamlet of Rahidi you find the church of Agios Georgios. Xilokeratidi opposite of the port is the most picturesque part of the bay with its pretty narrow streets and its traditional taverns.


Katapola is the main port of Amorgos which is located in the middle of the island. The name  comes from the word Kato Polis “Lower City” (Κάτω Πόλις ), as it was the coastal settlement of ancient Minoa. The oldest traces of habitation in the area of Katapola date back to the Neolithic period. In the third millennium BC in the early Cycladic period Amorgos was one of the centers of the Cycladic civilization. In the area of Katapola they have found some of the famous Cycladic figurines, which decorate/adorn museums and private collections in Greece and abroad.

In the first historical times the city of Minoa was founded at the hill of Moudoulias, south of the bay. Minoa was continuously inhabited until the 4th century AD.  During the Roman times Amorgos was a place of exile for eminent Romans, who built luxurious villas with mosaic floors near the port. With the appearance of Christianity temples were built in the basilican style, which today are beneath the newer churches, for instance the church of Katapoliani.

With the Arab raids in the 7th century Katapola seems abandoned and the population moved to the interior of the island. From the Iconoclastic period (8th-9th centuries)  there is  preserved iconic wallpaintings in the church of Holy Anargyroi and the Annunciation. During the Ottoman domination of Katapola all foreign travellers reported it as the safe harbour of Amorgos, the island gateway. It seems that the pirates did not allow the development of organized settlement.

After the revolution of 1821 and the proclamation/declaration of Independence gradually  three settlements were built Katapola, Rachidi and Xylokeratidi, which constitute Katapola. Text: Nikitas Passaris, Archaeologist

The port of Katapola Amorgos

Chora Amorgos